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Translator reviews the quality feedback

After the translator has received the email with the translation quality evaluation, the translator should do the following actions:

1. View the Comparison report tab. Look through all the corrections made by the evaluator.

2. Go to the Evaluation report.

3. Look through the classification of each mistake.

4. Press "Complete project" if you agree with the classification of all mistakes.

The project and its evaluation score are finalized at this stage.

  • If you do not agree with the classification of some mistakes, do the following actions:

6. Press "Add comment" in the box of the mistake that you do not agree with and enter it by clicking "Submit": Misatake comment.png

7. When you have entered all the comments, send the project for reevaluation by pressing "Request reevaluation":

Request reevaluation.png

8. The project will be sent to the evaluator, who will review your comments. If they are convincing, the evaluator will change the mistake

severity in your favour. You are able to send this project for reevaluation one more time.

8. If you have not reached an agreement with the evaluator, you can send the project to the arbiter by pressing "Request arbitration".

9. The arbiter will provide a final score that cannot be disputed.

For more detailed information, please see the Mistakes discussion for translator page.

Evaluator reviews the translator's comments

At this stage, the evaluator needs to review all the translator’s comments with objections. The evaluator has the following instructions:

  • If the translator is right, the evaluator changes mistake severity and enters the comment why it has been changed.
  • If the translator is wrong, the evaluator enters the comment why the mistake's severity has not been changed.

For more detailed information, please see the Mistakes discussion for evaluator page.

Arbiter reviews the project

Unless the system has been set up otherwise, the translator can return the project to the evaluator for 2 times.

If the translator and the evaluator have not managed to reach the agreement after 2 attempts, the translator sends the project to the arbiter.

The user, who was assigned to be the arbiter will be notified by the system.

The arbiter has to assign a final score on the disputed matters.

For more detailed information, please see the Mistakes discussion for arbiter page or view our video tutorial Youtube.jpg

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