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General information

You can compare two versions of translated files in the system even without registering an account.

Go to https://tqauditor.com and click "Compare files":


Upload files

Here you can compare two versions of a translated file in the system without registering an account.


Click Supported bilingual file types to see the file formats TQA work with.

  • Translated file — add here unedited bilingual files using the "Browse" button.
  • Reviewed file — add here edited bilingual files using the "Browse" button.

Then press the "Upload selected files" button.

Here is the list of supported file formats:

File formats.png

Comparison report

On this page, you may see the editor’s amendments highlighted with color, and different filters to simplify your work:

QQP comparison report.jpg

  • Delete comparison report — this button deletes the current comparison report.
  • Upload files — use this button to upload other files for a new comparison report.
  • Export to Excel — this link creates Excel report: all your fixes ordered in columns for comparing.

Delete report

Press Delete comparison report if current information is no longer needed:

1 delete comparison.png

Here you may also upload other files for a new comparison report by pressing Upload files:

2 upload files.png

Markup display

With option Markup display you may choose tags display:

  • Full - tags have original length, so you can see data within:

1 full.png 1.png

  • Short - tags are compressed and you see only their position in the text:

2 short.png 2.png

  • None – tags are totally hidden, so will not distract you:

3 none.png 3.png

Press the "Apply" button after changing the preferences:


Units display

  • All units - shows all text segments:

1 all.png 1 all text .png

  • With corrections - shows nothing but amended:

2 with corrections.png 2. not all .png

Also, you may find here Comparison details, such as:

CompRep compar details.jpg

  • Total units — the total number of segments.
  • Corrected units — the number of segments with amendments.
  • Total source words — the total number of words in the source.
  • Source words in corrected units — the number of source words in amended segments.

Press the "Apply" button after changing the preferences: