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When the evaluator finishes the evaluation, the translator gets an email notification. Also, the translator will get a notification of comparison report creation if the corresponding setting is enabled.

Translator's review

Once the translator receives the email notification of comparison report creation, they can review all the corrections made by the reviewer.

Once the evaluation report is created, the translator can review the mistakes classification.

If the translator agrees with the mistakes classification, they click "Complete project". The project and its evaluation score will be finalized at this stage.

If the translator does not agree with the mistakes classification, they can ask the evaluator to decrease a mistake severity. To do so, they click "Add comment" in the box of the mistake, write a comment clarifying the matter and click "Submit":

Misatake comment.png

Once the translator enters all the comments, they request the reevaluation:

Request reevaluation.png

Note: The ability to request the reevaluation (and how many times) depends on the account evaluation settings.

If the translator still does not agree, they can request arbitration (the corresponding button appears instead of "Request reevaluation"):


The arbiter will provide a final score that cannot be disputed.


If the translator requests reevaluation, the evaluator will review the translator's comments. If they agree with the translator, they will decrease mistake severity. If not, the evaluator will reply to the translator's comment to clarify the matter.

Then the evaluator clicks "Complete evaluation", and the translator will be able to review the reevaluated translation.


If the translator does not reach agreement with the evaluator, the translator can request arbitration (a "Request arbitration" button will appear once all the evaluation attempts are used). A user who is assigned as the arbiter will get an email notification.

Users with any role except "translator" can be assigned to the project as the arbiter.

Note: the translator can request arbitration if the arbiter is assigned to the project.

The arbiter provides a final decision on whether to decrease mistake severity or not. If the arbiter decides not to decrease it, they have to reply to the translator's comment to clarify the matter.

To complete evaluation, the arbiter has either to decrease mistake severities or reply to all the translator's comments. Otherwise, they will receive the following message:

Arbiter error1.png

Arbitors comments.png

Then the arbiter clicks "Complete project" and provides a final score that cannot be disputed. The project is completed and all participants will receive email notifications.

Complete project.png