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Evaluation settings page: cloud.tqauditor.com/system/evaluation-settings

Go to "System" -> "Evaluation settings":

Evaluation settings menu new.png

On this page, you may specify the score limit, maximum number of evaluation attempts, and default evaluation sample word count limit:

Evaluation settings.png

  • "Score limit" — the highest number of points a translation quality evaluation can have (by default the score limit is set to 100)
  • "Maximum evaluation attempts" — the number of times the evaluation can be done.
Note: If this value is bigger than 1, the translator will be able to request the reevaluation. For example, if "Maximum evaluation attempts" is set to 2, the translator can request the reevaluation once.
  • "Default evaluation sample word count limit" — the suggested default number of words for evaluation with an automatic word count.

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