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Translator report page:

To view the Translator report , go to Reports=>Translator report:

Translator report.jpg

On this page, you will find information about every translator.

First, you should choose the translator.

If necessary, you may also specify the project creation date range, source language, target language, and specialization:

Translator report filter new1.jpg

Click "Apply" to generate the report by specified criteria.

Note: If you need information about another translator, clean the data of current translator by clicking "Reset".

Here different charts and diagrams are displayed:

  • Score dynamics
  • Monthly average score dynamics
  • Managed by
  • Evaluated by
  • Projects by specialization
  • Mistakes by type
  • Mistakes by severity
  • Average score per specialization and evaluator summary table

On the pictures below, you can see some examples of the reports:

Monthly average score dynamics.jpg

Trans mistakes by type1.jpg

Trans mistakes by severity.jpg

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