Mistake severities

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Mistake severities list page: cloud.tqauditor.com/mistake-severity/index

New mistake severity page: cloud.tqauditor.com/mistake-severity/create

General information

Mistake severity is the gravity of a mistake.

Go to "System" -> "Mistake severities". Here you can view the list of mistake severities or add new ones:

Mistake severities.png

Mistake severities list

You can edit or delete default mistake severities by clicking the corresponding buttons:

Mistake severities list.jpg

To sort the mistake severities by the needed criteria, please click any column name highlighted in blue. When the mistake severities are sorted, you will see the arrow Line up arrow.jpg button next to the corresponding column name.

Note: You cannot delete mistake severities in use, but you can disable them so that they are not displayed in the drop-down lists. Click "Edit", uncheck the "Enabled" checkbox, and click "Update":

Mistake severities6.1.png

New mistake severity

To add a new mistake severity, fill in the name, define the score, and click "Create":

New mistake.png

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