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Edit quality levels page: https://cloud.tqauditor.com/mark/edit

Go to System → Edit quality levels:

Edit QL menu.png

Here you may see the list of default quality levels according to the previous system version logic (the lower score means better translation):

Old Qlevels 1.png

In the new TQAuditor Version 3.0, the higher score means better translation.

Note: The maximum score is equal to 100 by default, but you can set the one you need (more info here) and then define the necessary quality levels.

In view of that, you need to redefine quality standards (put simply, turn them upside down).

To do this, simply rename the levels and enter relevant scores into the "Score to (<)" column (except the last one you should ignore):

New quality levels 3.png

Having adjusted the levels, press "Update" to confirm changes.

Note: You cannot remove the quality levels connected with projects.

But you may add a new one by clicking the "Add below" button or by editing current quality levels:

Add quality level.png

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