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Here you can compare the original and reviewed versions of a translation.

Note: To add mistakes, please go to the evaluation report.

Time limit details

Here you can see time limit details:

Time limits details.png

Comparison report settings

On the left side of the screen, different buttons and filters are displayed:


Markup display

Markup display settings allow you to choose how tags will be displayed:

  • "Full" — tags have original length, so you can see the data within:

1 full.png 1.png

"Short" — the contents of the tags are not displayed and you see only their position in the text:

2 short.png 2.png

  • "None" — tags are not displayed:

3 none.png 3.png

Units display

  • "All" — units with and without corrections are displayed:

1 all.png 1 all text .png

  • "With corrections" — only units with corrections are displayed:

2 with corrections.png 2. not all .png

Comparison details

In this section, you can see the comparison details:

Comparison details.jpg

  • "Total units" — the total number of units.
  • "Corrected units" — the number of units with corrections.
  • "Total source words" — the total number of words in the source file.
  • "Source words in corrected units" — the number of source words in units with corrections.

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