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License details page

Go to System=>License:

SM License.jpg

On this page, you can manage your license and view its details:

License page.jpg

General information

The licenses are needed for Enterprise version only. Light version accounts are free of charge.

Each new user gets 3-months trial period to test the system. When the trial period is over, the system asks for the licence.

You may apply for your license here: (need to be logged into the system).


The price of the license depends on the number of users in your TQAuditor Enterprise account. “User” means any kind of user in your TQAuditor database: translator, evaluator, manager, and administrator.

Up to 15 users the system is free. For prices over 15 users, please see

How to activate free license

To activate a free license, please follow the steps in the screenshot below:

License free 1.jpg

Users deletion

You may delete users from your database to reduce the license cost. But, please, note that deleting users will delete all projects related to them.

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