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All the data on translation quality assessment are piled up in the system, and after some period you’ll be able to generate reports.

You can access reports by pressing Reports in the upper section of the screen:


Note: The level of access to the reports depends on the user role. For more info, please click here.

System settings

You can change and set system values in the System menu:

System settings.png

  • Clients — here you may view the list of your clients and add new clients.
  • Languages — here you may view the list of your languages and add new languages.
  • Services — here you may view the services you provide and add new services.
  • Edit quality levels — on this page, you may view and edit the list of default quality levels, or add a new one.
  • Evaluation settings — on this page, you may define maximum evaluation attempts and default evaluation sample word count limit.
  • Default time limits — on this page you may define the default time limits for translators, evaluators and arbiters.
  • Notifications — on this page you may select if a translator should be informed about comparison report creation and decide if a project evaluator should be informed about project completion.
  • License — on this page you can manage your license and view its details.

For more information on system settings, please see our video tutorial Youtube.jpg

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